Woman and Yoga

Mujer y Yoga

In order to understand the reasons why yoga is a discipline that will definitely be of great help during all stages of a woman’s life, it is important to understand in a simple way the meaning of this ancient art that today is practiced by millions of people around the world.

The word YOGA comes from the Sanskrit “JUG” and means to unite, to connect, to relate. Its origins date back to the 10th century B.C. with Brahamanism in India. Later in the sixteenth century it became known in other parts of the world with the wave of cultural and commercial exchanges of the time. And what should be emphasized at this time, is its main objective: To achieve harmony at the physical and spiritual level, because it is here where the benefits for women make sense.

 A woman’s physiology varies greatly throughout her life: menstruation, pregnancy and menopause are three milestones in which important changes occur: physical, mental and emotional.

Yoga seeks the connection between soul, body and mind. Adapted to the needs of each woman, it achieves a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance, finding greater well-being.

There are several benefits that Yoga brings to today’s women regardless of their role in life, (mother, daughter, wife, businesswoman …) all carry a constant burden in their lives. A baggage that we can alleviate and transform by the hand of this beautiful discipline.

Below we highlight the benefits that are obtained with Yoga in different moments of a woman’s life.

  • Menstrual cramps, there are many postures that help relieve the pain of colic, women who practice yoga feel less stressed and cope better with menstrual pain.
  • Pregnancy maintains the connection with the body and the transformations that occur during pregnancy. It helps maintain spinal posture to prevent back pain. And it prepares you physically and emotionally for the big moment.
  • Concentration, increases the ability to concentrate, allowing the woman to be more productive in her activities (studies, work, home, etc).
  • Better sleep, brings multiple benefits for women who suffer from sleep disorders. The different physical postures help reduce stress levels.
  • Self-esteem, one of the main benefits of yoga is the ability to silence the mind, almost always people have negative thoughts that can affect self-esteem. When you have more control of the mind, you can identify negative thoughts and transform them. When we experience the different benefits of yoga in our body and mind (better relaxation capacity, flexibility, concentration, social environment) our self-esteem will improve substantially.
  • Menopause, helps to balance the endocrine system, its hormonal fluctuations can generate physical discomfort and emotional instability. Yoga can help to integrate physical changes with harmony and to live pre menopause and menopause as something positive.

Remember that there are different types of yoga. Choose the one that suits your needs and do not think more, let’s all practice yoga, to have a more harmonious and balanced life.

Source: The art of living

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