What is it? origin and reality


Mindfulness is the practice of being intensively aware of your senses and the present. It is the integrated sensation of all the senses in the now. But why practice it? Although the practice of mindfulness has always been intrinsic to our species, it was until nothing more and nothing less than 2,500 years ago in the Eastern Buddhist culture where it is attributed its origin. This philosophical doctrine dating back to BC is a teaching of Siddhartha Gautama, Shakyamuni Buddha, who was the initiator of this religious and philosophical tradition spread throughout the world and whose fundamental essence is the practice of Mindfulness.

The term Mindfulness can be translated into English as full consciousness, full attention, mindfulness, intentional attention, immediate awareness or awareness of the moment. This practice in the modern world is being implemented by a growing number of people because it brings harmony and tranquility to the daily life of those who practice it. It is to be able to bring balance to the different instances of our life, accepting who we are and obtaining only what is necessary to lead a satisfying life of inner peace. No wonder so many people today turn to Mindfulness to improve their quality of life. The speed of the world added to the diversity of scenarios that we live in our daily lives, from the role we play at the level of family, work, housework, financial obligations, study, hobbies, sports, entertainment, internet, television, friends, in short, all this eagerness to fit in, has pushed us to the limit, we need an alternative that allows us to identify what is truly important. And this is where this wonderful tool comes into play; Mindfulness. Through this teaching and if we give ourselves the opportunity to align it with our philosophy of life we will be able to empower our vision and our mind through an efficient practice of breathing, which will lead us to a state of reality of the moment, a place where we can consciously observe our priorities and give us the opportunity to find on that path the solutions that resonate with us without the need to enter into a frenzy of unnecessary stress.

To be able to enter into a state of meditation through breathing to reach a level of full consciousness where we will be aware of our body, memory, our heartbeat, our senses and above all our thoughts.

With time and its exercise, people acquire skills for managing our emotions, thoughts and our relationship with the world; leading us to be calmer and returning to that state of gratitude that takes us away from anxiety and brings us closer to a state of serenity and tranquility wonderful. Today Mindfulness has moved to many fields and segments of society. With its practice it is possible that without even thinking about it, you can positively impact your environment. Finally, it is no secret that if you change, everything around you will change. What do you say you would like to try it?