Be Reborn

No es un cambio es un RENACER

It is not a change, it is a rebirth

We always talk about constant change, evolution, continuous improvement; And this optic without realizing it adds an intrinsic weight ¿? to our actions and our lives, we obsess over turning our path and our daily lives upside down simply because they taught us that changes are good. Without realizing it, we make 180-degree turns and head in a completely opposite direction and the truth is that most of the time we don’t need radical changes or a fresh start. The most beautiful transformations are those we do on the built where we do not forget who we have been, such as occurs in the process of the metamorphosis from a caterpillar to a butterfly. The butterfly and its beautiful flight would not exist without first being a caterpillar and a cocoon. In the same way, we should not worry or regret who we were, but know that we would not have the clarity of who we want to be in the present if we had not been caterpillars at some time.

For ISA III this global pause due to the pandemic that surprised us all, has been a moment of revelation, because although we have always worked on the creation of products of ethical design, it is until now that we have found a deeper, more real and functional, this find inspired us to develop a collection to encourage the world. The first stage of ISA III showed more the external part of women, their work, cultural and artistic world, transmitting in their products the minimalism characteristic of the Nordic countries fused with design, colors, fabrics and ancestral weaving techniques and leather goods from the Cundí Boyacense highland region in Colombia.

Today ISA III is experiencing a renaissance, not a 180 degree turn. After having moved into a world of luxury and fashion, Isabel Ortiz discovers that the ISA III universe is larger than the high-end niche for which she had been designing her magnificent leather goods bags.

ISA III, in the middle of its search, found a very important space in the market where people today identify with more practical products, with a younger spirit that does not compete with age. She named this new collection Renacer; a rebirth towards a fresher product, more relevant to the current reality, more comfortable and inclusive. A resurgence with transparent products, which continue with the brand’s legacy, always focused on surprising and satisfying the market with first-rate pieces and sophisticated designs that continue to transmit the lineage, social commitment and ethics of the brand itself.


The moment we are all living at a global level has presented us with countless challenges but also opportunities. In these moments of uncertainty we understood that in the present, women, men and children have been transformed.We have new priorities in front of the important things in life, leading us to a more conscious scenario about the uses of natural resources, behavior and role that we humans must fulfill, but above all a new sense of solidarity, care and love. Isabel Ortiz and her brand had already been working to try to educate their customers with products that generate high emotional and spiritual impact and low impact on the resources of our planet.

However, not satisfied with her dedication to the first ISA III collections, Isabel and her team, made a roll and created a line of products with the DNA that characterizes the brand, but lighter, more welcoming and functional. A modern collection focused on pampering and hugging its users. The comfort revolution.


In Isabel’s words, the new Renacer collection integrates the two women she represents: the designer and the family woman, since it is in this synergy that she managed to integrate her purpose and her meaning as a person into her designs and creations. Bags, socks, scarves and blankets that drive and pamper you. Pieces that exalt the fabric, colorful minimalism, honesty and ethical and responsible processes. A fusion of two worlds (Nordic Boyacá) that give life to charms that accompany you and encourage you to live better.

Isabel turned to the interior of the woman, to her daily life inside and outside the home. Understanding that we are a whole and that we are connected, between fabrics, and the woman on the outside, her appearance, her beauty, her glamor is totally valid, since they are a reflection and extension of her interior. With this new collection ISA III wanted to connect with the collective feeling that we are all living.

The DNA of ISA III is still intact, the same reasons that once prompted Isabel to materialize her vision, remain the muses that today energize the collection Renacer, the pause and the pandemic increased the size of the universe of ISA III, leading to the brand to its new version, where it is more agile, functional and available to a wider audience. Living an authentic Renacer with bags, stockings, scarves and blankets that transmit and empower their users as if they carried an charms? with them. It is not a change, it is a rebirth.

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